Year 11 Football Team

Year 11 Football Team

Achieving potential and overcoming obstacles

This football team have worked so hard to reach the final of the National Cup. With 633 schools entering this competition they have won 9 rounds to get to the final. With semi final heart break last year they have shown incredible resilience to go even further in the competition this year. They now need to believe they can go on and win the final!

Weydon School


Students in the Weather Station Project,  Sandringham School

The students nominated have worked collaboratively for over six months on an independent project initiated and led by the students themselves. Each of the team members brought a different skill to the project to build a fully functional weather station. The skills developed included programming, recording data, analysing data, website building and of course installing and maintaining the weather station itself.

This project was made using a Raspberry Pi 4, installed on the school’s site. It is recording a multitude of readings about the current weather, which are then stored and further processed on our server, before being accessed here.


You can access the website here:




Sasha Hasay, Year 8, King Ecgbert School

I am dedicated to lifelong learning and excellence

“Sasha came to UK from Croatia in 2022. He has overcome language barriers and has demonstrated perseverance and commitment to learning. He is a polite, respectful and intelligent young man who works well with others, demonstrates leadership skills in Drama and is a general all round superstar.” Mrs Pender

Fareena Ismail, King Ecgbert School

I am an exceptional leader and organiser

“Fareena is involved in every project, event and fundraiser going in school and in our community work. Fareena can be relied upon to mobilise an army of willing volunteers to make her goals come true. She supports many good causes such as recent fundraising for the Turkey, Syria earthquakes and regularly pushes herself out of her comfort zone to promote Anti-Racism in school and to celebrate the diversity in our school community. She is a prime minister of the future and deserves recognition.” Mrs Exton

Robyn Fenton and Phoebe Griffiths, Year 8, Weatherhead High School

Commitment to achieving my best

Robyn and Phoebe joined our Year 8 rowing team in September. They are extremely committed, attending training at Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club every Tuesday during school time and in all weathers The students took to the sport with ease gaining a new skill and expertise and were able to balance training with their school work. They worked well as part of the new team developing positive relationships with their peers. They enjoyed attending an indoor rowing competition earlier this year where they qualified to represent the Mersey region as two of the top five fastest rowers. Robyn and Phoebe competed in the National Junior Indoor Rowing Competition earlier this month at the Olympic Park, London. The team competed against all the other regions and we were delighted that Phoebe qualified in the top 4 fastest rowers in the region and competed in the relays in the afternoon. The Mersey team came 9th out of 80 teams.

Ella-May Pearson, Weatherhead High School

I am an excellent learner, dedicated to life long learning and Knowledge and Understanding. By acquiring a deep knowledge and understanding of the world.

Ella was invited to be part of a group of Year 10 students who took part in a series of STEM tutorials run by Liverpool John Moores University as part of their Scholar’s Programme. The students completed a course titled ‘Genetic Modification: The game changer in the up-coming years’ which involved exploring the impact of this ground-breaking scientific work and scientific understanding. Ella produced some excellent work, achieving a 1st class mark for their work, with their tutor commenting “some of them went far above my expectations.” The group were delighted to attend a graduation event, with a stand-out speech and presentation given by Ella on her experience of the course. Ella showed how well she can work independently, honig her research skills and independent study, an excellent awareness of STEM and its role in the world and was delighted to be chosen to present to staff from John Moores.

Kyle O, Year 14, Sherbourne Fields

I am an exceptional leader and organiser because I inspire and encourage others.

Kyle is a kind, thoughtful, mature and helpful young man. Despite his speech impediment, he challenges himself daily to communicate with all members of the school community. He is able to use his own initiative to complete tasks without being asked and he is popular amongst all pupils, especially when completing his ‘buddy’ work with the reception children. He has climbed several mountains and walked marathons as part of our school annual ‘Challenge’ all the while championing and supporting his fellow peers. He has also just completed a highly successful week’s work experience placement before he goes on to complete a supported internship when he leaves 6th form. Kyle has achieved so much in his time here at Sherbourne Fields School and he truly is an inspiration to all pupils.

Finn Harris, Year 11, Wymondham College

Commitment to achieving my best.  Achieving potential and overcoming obstacles

Finn has shown great determination, commitment, and discipline, after months of training in the boxing gym, he has
won the title U54kg Open National Junior Boxing Champion, after making it to the final on Sunday, 26 March. He
won by a unanimous decision.
Finn has now achieved his dream and will be a member of the England Boxing Squad, and will represent England
this June in the GB Three Nations Competition.
What an amazing achievement!

Eli, Year 6, Sherbourne Fields

I am good at communicating

Eli is independently using his Ipad to communicate his wants and needs with both familiar and unfamiliar people. He will use his Ipad to inform people of his emotions, what day of the week it is, what he wants to eat, to request help with something and to inform an adult he needs to go to the toilet. The ability to communicate his wants and needs has reduced Eli’s levels of anxiety and has helped tremendously to regulate his behaviour. He no longer runs out of the classroom if he wants the toilet or gets frustrated with himself if he can not do something he simply uses his Ipad to communicate to staff what it is he wants which allows them to support Eli with ease.


Aisha K, Sherbourne Fields 

Aisha is commended for the whole “I am” area

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Bradley H, Year 4,  Sherbourne Fields

I am good at coping with change.

Bradley has coped well with lots of exciting changes this academic year. He has been practising moving around using his new electric chair which has significantly helped to develop his independence and social skills. Bradley has also adapted to beginning to use an Eye Gaze device to communicate his wants and needs as well as to contribute his ideas during lesson time. Bradley has persevered with navigating his Eye Gaze and has shown great progress in using it to communicate intentionally. This has been an exciting development for Bradley as it allows him to choose from a greater vocabulary when communicating with his staff and peers both socially and during discussions in lessons. Bradley has been very willing to try new things and to overcome any challenges that may arise from them.

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